For Farahmand, Forough, Sadraa, Sadegh and Pari

This post is for Farahmand, Forough, Sadraa, Sadegh and Pari. Before leaving for Iran we had talked to our Iranian friends in Italy, in order to get information and, hopefully, some useful contacts in the cities we thought to visit. That is why, when we stayed in Teheran for the first time, at the beginning of the travel, we were hosted by Forough and Sadraa, a young couple of friends of Farahmand, an Iranian living in Torino. Even though they did not know us at all, Forough and Sadraa welcomed us in their houses: not only we found a confortable (and free:) place where to sleep, but also they cooked delicious Iranian dishes for us and they showed us around to see the museums and the nice places; at night, we went out together and we met their friends. Same thing happened at the end of the travel, when we went back to Teheran. That time we were hosted by Sadegh and Pari, an other couple of friends of Forough and Sadraa. I was part of the family.


Reblogged from: viaggio in Iran


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