Dasht-e Kavir

Lo sguardo si allunga ad abbracciare

paesaggi di polvere, pietre, sterpi.

Si allenta la morsa che sentiamo dentro,

siamo superficie e limite,

orizzonte di noi stessi.

Profumo di rose selvatiche portato dal vento.


Dinner at the parents’ house

One night in Teheran we were invited by Farahmand’s parents to their place, together with Forough and Sadraa. Of course, food was extremely delicious. The mother had prepared yummy dishes: soups, salads, meat with vegetables, rice (white and yellow), and many more!
A part from the food, it probably was the most moving moment of the trip. We brought Farahmand’s greetings to his parents and his sister, whom he was not being allowed to see for many years, and we told them about their son’s and brother’s life in Torino. At one point everyone was crying.
The regime can persecute people fighting for freedom, torturing them in prison or sending them away. But they can not prevent freedom ideas from spreading, and people from talking (and becoming aware). And that dinner was a proof of that. Thanks to the dramatic and courageous choice of Farahmand.

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Fruit in the bazar

The small bazar we went in Teheran was a very fascinating experience. Why? Because we were with Forough and Sadraa who made me taste the foods on the stalls that I could not recognize! Fruits in particular, which I loved. Als also because it was small and crowded, and being there was like breathing real local life.

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The main reason

There is one main reason to go to Iran, beyond all the rest. Because the experience you live there forces you to abandon all the prejudices you could have about the country and its people. And that is a beautiful lesson.


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